Born Happy


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Everything has a begin and an end. So here is the begin of my end. I never asked to be born. I hadn’t any voice in it, and nobody asked me if I would ever live in a conservative world full of hate, discrimination, violence, and exclusion.
But my parents wanted another child. And like many conservative families, they breed like rabbits and raise their children like copies of themselves to make sure the gospel they believe in will live forever and the word of their Lord will spread all over the world. That is their mission. But not of my dad… To start with, my dad was my true hero, but that will be explained in the chapter of my dad. Don’t get me wrong, I also loved my mother, and even now both died already (way too young), I am so grateful for the life they gave me. That being said, I am born Happy, in a wealthy family with 4 brothers and one sister. Life was good, and I had many great perspectives because when you are born at the end of Generation X, in a wealthy family, in the western world, out of well-educated parents and protected form all the sadness in the world, there is no reason to make any sorrows about your future. My life started in a way in wich you would wish every child's life on earth should start.

Hello world, I’m Melany..

about the picture: This is an actual picture of the first page of my 1st photo book. The handwriting of my dad on the page and the personal message on the back of my picture makes it a treasure for me. This is really the first picture of me.